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Ice Packs FAQ

To automatically have Ice Packs included within your shipments, you can opt-in from your Checkout Preferences Page, and they cost $9 per ice pack:

When you receive your order it may look like the icepack is isolated and useless, all alone in the bottom of the box, but it is deliberately kept separate from the bottles so any condensation that builds up won't ruin the labels. Icepacks do a very cool job because they're only placed in the box on the very last day of transit when the box is handed over to the carrier and is most at risk for heat damage for the last crucial 24-48 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: We take the environment very seriously - Styrofoam is only used when ice packs are requested. The ice packs will turn the regular pulp shippers back to, well... pulp. Unfortunately, there have been very few innovations regarding cold shipping packaging material for wine bottles. If you can find a company that makes such material, we would gladly investigate it (though our fulfillment partner would have to ultimately approve it).


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