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About Us


Uncover top wines at the best prices in the world.


We are Wine Spies, a small team of Agents, and masters of our craft. Every single day when the clock strikes midnight, we Feature a brand new wine on our site, at a crazy deal for 24 hours.

How does it work?

We are not a wine club. There is no subscription. Buy what you want, when you want.

✅ Every day our Operatives (that's you!) get an email with one Featured special offer. Each wine is available for 24 hours or until it's sold out.

Wine Spies changes the way you buy wine online with our Locker feature. Now you can build a case of your own handpicked wines - one or two bottles at a time and NEVER pay for shipping. Try a little of this, a little of that, and have it shipped for free when you reach a full case.

✅ There's much, much more, including our mystery-bottle Vault feature, exciting sales events like our Cellar Stockers and Store Takeovers, and exclusive secret offers.

How do we do it?

Step #1

From our headquarters in Sonoma's wine country, we tap into our broad network of wineries, distributors, and importers who share their wares with us. Often, they give us exclusive access to wines that you won't find anywhere else. We've been doing it for well over a decade.

Each week, we taste through dozens of wines to find just a handful of winners. We're picky.

Wine Spies delivers a wide variety of wines, from well-known Napa cult superstars and rarely-seen imports, to fresh discoveries and daily-drinkers under $20.

All the wines we feature only have one thing in common: We LOVE the wine in the bottle. If our Agents don't believe in a wine, we don't sell it. Period.

Step #2

Using a combo of devastating good looks and advanced psy-ops tactics, we negotiate the price way, WAY down.

When we Feature a wine, our goal is that you can't find it and have it shipped to you for less anywhere else.

What they're saying:

"What's not to love about the Wine Spies experience? Great wines at the best prices, by great people. In the 11 months since beginning with Wine Spies I have expanded my palate to many new wines I never tried before. Some I didn't know I would like, varietals I've never heard of, and learning so much more about wine. I have yet to have a wine from Wine Spies I have not liked and I'm about 9 cases in already. Add to it the great locker and vault features and it's hands down the best thing going in the wine industry." - Jeff Wright

"I really appreciate Wine Spies. I love the locker feature and really am pleased with the variety of wines you feature. You are easy to deal with and quick to resolve problems. I am a somm with an Arizona winery and you are a great resource for hard to find wines. Keep up the good work". - Julie Kluge

"I have been buying from wine spies for several years now and enjoy the experience. All of the wines purchased I have never tried before and are based solely on your reviews. I have never got a bad one and assume our tastes are similar. I enjoy the ability to mix and match and store in a locker until I have a case assembled to avoid paying for shipping. Keep up the good work." - Jeff Aden.

Join Us

Become an Operative, and you'll find honesty, transparency, and thrilling deals you never imagined possible.

Finally, we hope you'll enjoy every bottle you get from us, but we realize our tastes might not always line up perfectly. If you feel dissatisfied with any purchase, just let us know and we'll take special care of you.

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About Wine Spies

Our Mission: Scour the Wine World to uncover the best deals on incredible wines. Make them available to our Operatives (our customers) at prices from 20-70% off.

Backgrounder: Founded in 2007, Wine Spies brings you one incredible - and sometimes exclusive - wine each day. Wine Spies' featured wine sales last 24 hours, or until a wine sells out.

After 15 years in the wine trade, we're the oldest wine merchant in our category. As the Old Guard, we're proud of our ever-strengthening relationships - with our Operatives (our customers), and around the entire wine industry. Our connections run deep, and we're very grateful for the trust that is placed in us each and every day, with each and every wine that we sell.

Communications: We send a Daily Dispatch (subscribe here), informing our Operatives of our daily featured wine offer. Operatives can also subscribe to text notifications (sign up here).

Service and Support: We take great pride at providing the best customer care in the industry. Our special Agents are standing by to assist you before or after a sale. Your satisfaction is our priority.

How we select wines: Wine Spies convenes weekly tasting panels (follow our progress on Instagram) where our Agents taste as many as 40 wines - all to find the seven wines that make up a week of wine offers. If we don't love a wine, we won't ever offer it to you.

How we're different: We are not a wine club. There's no subscription. You simply buy what you want, when you want it. You can even build a case over time, using our industry exclusive Locker feature. Add a single bottle - or as many as you want - to your Locker, and we'll keep your wine safe and cool in our secure temperature and humidity-controlled wine chamber. And we'll ship it to you on your schedule. For free when you fill up each Locker case of 12. Locker orders are also better for the environment, with an average 50% reduction in carbon output.

Your Mission: Join us as an Operative, and discover a new, exciting, and satisfying way to purchase wines that you'll love - without the commitment of a club and without automatic shipments of wines that you won't enjoy.

Click Here to sign up for our Daily Dispatch and enter a whole new world of wine intrigue!

*Before we introduced Lockers, our average order size was 6 bottles. By placing 12 bottles in a shipment, an average carbon reduction of 50% is achieved.

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