The concept is simple: In the past, you had to check out with 6 bottles of wine to get free shipping. Now, with Lockers enabled at checkout, you can buy one, or two bottles at a time - whatever you want. You don’t pay for shipping during checkout and when you accumulate a full case of mixed wines, it ships for free.


It’s easy! After you click the "Buy This Wine" button (or visit your Shopping Cart) you will see two options:

Option A - Clicking "Checkout Now" will allow you to bypass the Lockers and checkout normally.

Option B - Clicking "Add to Locker" will allow you add the wine in your cart to a Locker during checkout. You’ll also be able to choose whether to have your Lockers shipped out or saved for later.

Pro tip: You need to complete checkout to actually add a wine to your Locker! You’ll get a confirmation email when your purchase is completed.

If you select Option B, during checkout you will see the new Locker Management screen. (You can also access this screen via the "My Locker" tab at the top of the page at any time.)

In Locker Management , you can see which wines are being added to your Locker during this purchase.

By checking the box next to the case icon, you can select which Locker you’d like to have shipped today. The button at the bottom will change from "Add to Locker" to "Add to Locker and Ship". On the next screen, you’ll have the opportunity to set a ship date up to two weeks for each Locker.

A few notes on Lockers:

  • A Locker has 12 bottles in it (a full case) – If your purchase adds more than 12 bottles to a Locker, it will be split between two Lockers. You’ll be able to see which bottles are in each Locker, but you can’t choose which wines are in which Locker or later move them around.
  • Lockers turn green when they are full. You can ship a Locker at any time, but the shipping is only included with your purchase on a full Locker. You can use the checkbox to ship a Locker that isn’t full.
  • You can have up to two active Lockers at any time (up to 24 bottles). If you are trying to complete a purchase where you’ll have more than 24 bottles after checkout, then you’ll need to select a Locker to be shipped. However, at checkout you can set a Hold Date for the order up to two weeks out.


Under your account options (which you can access by clicking "My Account" at the top of the screen at any time) you can now see Order & Locker History and Purchase History.

Order & Locker History – Here you can see a list of all your past and current orders, including Locker Orders. Think of it as the actual boxes of wine that are shipped to you. If you click on any of the orders, you’ll be able to see tracking information as well as details of all the purchases that the Locker contains.

Purchase History – Here is a list of all the individual purchases. Think of them as your receipts. If you look at the purchase details, you’ll be able to see which Locker(s) they are associated with. (A single purchase may be split between multiple Lockers.)