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All About Lockers


In 2020, Wine Spies introduced the ultimate savings and convenience feature for our Operatives (customers), Lockers.

Lockers allow you to fill a case of wine as you go - adding one or more bottles at a time. When your Locker is full (of 12 bottles) you can tell us where to ship it - without paying anything additional for shipping. 

In the past, if you wanted included-shipping, you had to check out with 6 or sometimes even 12 bottles of wine. Now, as you add wines to your Locker, you won't be charged extra for shipping.

As you fill your case, we'll keep it cozy and safe in our Top Secret temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled wine facility. When you're ready to receive your wine, just let us know. 

I want a Locker. What do I do?

In order to take advantage of our Lockers, you'll need to enable Lockers within your Checkout Preferences. If you haven't done this already, please do it now, before you read on.

Okay, I've enabled Lockers! How do I use the Locker feature when I'm shopping for wine?


After you've added a wine to your shopping cart by clicking Add to Cart, select the number of bottles you'd like. Then, click on the Proceed to Checkout button. After that, you'll be asked how you'd like to check out and you'll see these two options:

If you chose Add to Locker, the bottles will be safely stored in your locker. When your Locker is full, you'll tell us where to ship it. Note that you can currently have up to two Lockers, with no time limit on safe storage.

In Step 3, you'll see the bottle(s) that you just added to your locker - along with any bottles that you had previously added. You'll see a green + above any bottles that you've just added, as in this example:

You can click the Locker to ship any time you like but note that you will incur a fee for any unfinished Lockers (under 12 bottles), but this is always an available option.

If your Locker is full and you'd like us to ship it immediately (or specify shipping at a future date), please check the circle to the left of your Locker:

And then select from one of the two following options:

Finally, just click on the Place Order button on the right side of the screen and we'll take care of the rest!

Congratulations! You've just successfully placed a Locker order! We hope that you'll love the savings, flexibility, safe-keeping, and convenience of our Locker feature, and we're excited to see what wines you collect and enjoy with your Locker.

Some juicy points about Lockers:

  • Each Locker holds 12 bottles of wine (a full case) – If your purchase adds more than 12 bottles to a Locker, a second Locker will be automatically created to accommodate any bottles that exceed the 12 that are in your first (now full) Locker. You’ll be able to see which bottles are in each Locker, but note that you won't be able to move bottles between Lockers.
  • Lockers turn red when they are full. You can ship a Locker that isn't full - but note that the shipping is only included with your purchase of a full, 12-bottle Locker. 
  • You can have up to two active Lockers at any time (up to 24 bottles). If, after adding wines to your Lockers, you exceed 24 bottles, you'll just need to have one of your Lockers shipped to you.  

Locker and Purchase History:

  • Under your account options (which you can access by clicking “My Orders” at the top of the screen at any time). Here, you'll see Lockers, Order History, and Purchase History.
  • Lockers will show you your Locker shipments. Here, you'll also be able to see your shipment tracking information and the wines that were in each completed Locker. -
  • Order History will show you your individual orders, including those orders that ultimately made up a Locker shipment.-
  • Purchase History contains your list of all the individual purchases. Think of this list as your receipts. If you look at the purchase details, you’ll be able to see which Locker(s) they are associated with. Note that a single purchase may be split between multiple Lockers.


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